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Advantages Of Skylight Blinds

What Are The Advantages Of Skylight Blinds?

Skylights are an excellent way to bring natural light into your house, but too much light can increase the heat inside and cause issues such as glare and furniture discolouration. This is where our SonaSky skylight blinds fit in, they’re a great way to control the light and temperate in your chosen space. The advantages… Read more »

Do Electric Blinds work with Control4?

Technology continues to make life easier at home through home control systems such as the Control4 system. The convenience of controlling every device in the house from a single point is priceless. However, before automation, it is typical for one to worry about whether their smart home features will be compatible with their home control… Read more »

What are the Benefits of using Control4 System?

Unlike when home control systems were for the chosen few, home automation has become a necessity in making life easier for many homeowners in the modern world. Home control systems add convenience and efficiency to every home. However, this only happens if you settle for a system that will let you enjoy home automation’s best… Read more »

What Devices Work with Control4 System?

Home control4 systems add convenience and efficiency to every home. However, this only happens if you settle for a system that will let you enjoy home automation’s optimum benefits. Control4 system is a leading home control system designed to integrate different devices in the house and create a single control interface. Control4 is easy to… Read more »

What are the Unique features of Control4?

If you are a lover of aesthetics, then uniqueness will bring satisfaction and a sense of style and taste to your home. Technology provides solutions to problems that stress us when life gets busy. The Control4 system is no exception since it creates room for convenience. A Control4 system in your home is a great… Read more »

How much does the Control4 system for home automation cost?

We can all agree that those relaxing moments at home are priceless, especially after a long day. Imagine experiencing that comfort without reaching out for the TV remote control or running to close the blinds. With a Control4 system, you gain control over nearly every device or system in your house from a single point.… Read more »

Transforming a Home with Bespoke Gable Blinds

A lot of modern homes have a lot of glazing throughout the structure. While this creates a beautiful appearance – especially if there is a nice vista to admire – it also creates a slew of issues with heat regulation and privacy. Gable Blinds Made-to-Order Gable blinds have a certain fit that makes them stand… Read more »

The Perfect Bedroom Blinds For 2022

The Best Blinds for Gable-End Windows

Finding the right blinds for your home is imperative when it comes to furnishing your home. You want something that not only blends in with the interior but serves its full purpose, providing shade for the room when needed whilst also maximising the amount of beautiful sunshine when required. Blinds can come in many different… Read more »

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How to Measure Windows for Blinds

Blinds have become essential in part of modern living today. Many have opted in owning blinds, compared to those who remain to be fans of curtains. If you’re new to the blinds club, then one of the first things you need to know is how to measure your window recess to fit your blinds so… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds have been on the market for some time now, essentially they are a densely manufactured fabric blind that stops the light from penetrating its fabric structure. Unlike dimout blinds which texture is less compacted, blackout blinds in essence do not allow light to pass through the fabric material (make sure to check out… Read more »

Buying Tips for Blackout Blinds – 3 Common Mistakes Buyers Make!

Choosing the right blackout blinds (or the best blinds for gable windows) for your house can be simple, providing you know what to look for. The proper selection and installation of blackout blinds is key to getting that true ‘blackout’ look. Most blinds are available in blackout fabric however that doesn’t necessarily mean it will… Read more »

The Perfect Bedroom Blinds For 2022

The Perfect Bedroom Blinds For 2022

The bedroom is where we spend nearly ⅓ of our lives. From there, we feel comfortable, secure, and relaxed. That is why finding the most suitable blinds for your bedroom (do you have a gable end bedroom that needs blinds?) is something of importance. So which blinds are the right fit for your bedroom? There… Read more »

How Do Motorised Blinds Work?

Let go of the tangled, clumsy cords that come with manual window treatments. A motorised blind is a perfect choice for modern homes. It allows you to open and close your blinds quietly and seamlessly via the press of a button or a pre-set programme on a smart-app. Moreover, motorised blinds provide you with security,… Read more »

First-Time Buyers Guide To Freehanging Blinds

Window blinds have a dual purpose, the first being an interior enhancement and the second being a useful feature. They blend in with a room’s decor whilst also lowering heat glare and providing seclusion. Whether you’re replacing old blinds or buying new ones, they may make a big difference in your house. A blind can… Read more »

Are Shaped Blinds Good In The Long-Term? [Buying Guide]

Are Shaped Blinds Worth it? Shaped, gable-end or apex blinds are the perfect choice for a long term window covering. They rarely date in style, they offer great light control and privacy and can all be operated via the touch of a button on the wireless handset. Maintenance is fairly simple, our specialist blind fabric… Read more »

SonaCell - Bedroom Blackout Blind

6 Small Changes To Enhance Your Bedroom

Nothing matches that great feeling of heading to bed for the night after a long day at work or home caring for your children. It’s crucial to establish a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom, whether you use it for working, reading, or sleeping, and there are a few designer secrets you may not have considered.… Read more »

Motorised Blinds: Are They Energy Efficient & Save Costs

Studies have shown that nearly 30% of a home’s heating energy could be lost through glazing. In cooler seasons, approximately 76% of the sunlight energy that radiates on standard double-glass windows becomes heat. So its fair to say that window coverings can help with regulating the energy loss and gain in your home. The exact… Read more »

SonaApex - Gable End Blind / Apex Blind

Motorised Blinds Buying Guide

Looking for the best motorised window blinds for your space? Then we have got just the advice you need. Blinds can enhance the decor of your room, whilst providing functional and thermal benefits. The two most popular types of blinds are roller blinds or freehanging blinds. Both these blinds can be fairly versatile enough to… Read more »

Here’s how Motorised Blinds Combine Luxury and Function

When renovating or constructing a home it is important for anyone to consider function as well as aesthetic luxury when it comes to their motorised blinds. Motorised blinds can not only look beautiful but also boast an array of smart functionality such as, energy-saving, light control, security, child safety and convenience. Energy-Saving Installing motorised blinds… Read more »

How much do Motorised Gable End Blinds cost?

How Much Are Motorised Gable End Blinds in 2022? Motorised Blinds can offer a vast amount of benefits over conventional Manual Blinds but these benefits do come in at an increased cost. Motorised Blinds (go now electric Blinds) are powered by an in-built motor technology within the Blind which is powered by either Battery, Solar… Read more »

SonaSky - Motorised Skylight Blind

Are Motorised Blinds worth it?

Is it worthwhile to invest in Motorised Blinds? Motorised Blinds (check our Smart Motorised Blinds) have a variety of benefits from seamless control, child-safety and security to say the least. The majority of Motorised Blinds can be effortlessly controlled via a Handset, Wall-Switch or Smart-app Device which makes it an ideal choice for rooms with… Read more »

What are the best Blinds to keep heat in?

What are the most effective Blinds for keeping heat in? They say around 10% of heat loss in our homes can be caused through windows, with that figure rising for single glazing panes. Window dressings can have a sizeable influence on maintaining the temperature levels in your home, with some Blinds particularly suited to insulate… Read more »

Can existing Blinds be Motorised?

Can you make Blinds Motorised? Motorised Blinds can be operated by various types of motor systems which cover Blinds such as Roller, Freehanging and Skylight Blinds. Premium motorised Blinds can be powered Battery, Solar or Mains power which provides the flexibility to accommodate motorisation in any space. The size of your current window coverings can… Read more »

How long do Motorised Blinds last?

What is the expected lifespan of Motorised Blinds? On average the motor and internal components should last anywhere between 3-8 years depending on usage and installation. Motorised Blinds (make sure to check out Sona Motorised Blinds) have a variety of benefits, the main one giving you seamless control of your Blinds via a Handset, Wall… Read more »