Control4 Systems x SONA

Control4 Systems is a full-service automation system that gives you complete home automation solutions for residential and commercial properties. Control4 can be paired with our SONA automated smart blinds. 

From electric blinds, lighting and security to entertainment, climate control, and home networking Control4 is an excellent solution for that seamless experience. 

For Control4 Systems SONA is the leader in providing electric blind solutions for your home. As well as blinds, Control4 can also be integrated into:

  • Home automation systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Audio/video distribution systems
  • Home theater system
  • Network audio/video systems
  • Smart home technology

How much does Control4 cost?

How much does Control4 cost

A single room of your home, or every room, can use the robust home automation system Control4. The best part is that installing Control4 in your home is probably considerably less expensive than you might expect. An outline of what may be accomplished at various pricing points please contact an authorised Control4 dealer. 

For more information on you can pair your Control4 system with our SONA automated blinds, you can contact a member of the SONA team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are remote control blinds worth it?

The efficiency and comfort of any home can benefit greatly from the investment. Additionally, it is particularly beneficial for windows that are tall, high up, or otherwise challenging to access. Motorisation can also be useful in rooms with many of windows that need to be opened and closed often.

How much do blinds with remote controls cost?

The best part is that Control4 installation is probably far less expensive than you might anticipate.

How long do batteries last in motorised blinds?

The motor that moves battery-powered blinds is powered by its own battery. Due to the fact that they do not require any connection to electrical outlets, these are also known as wireless blinds. These blinds’ alkaline batteries might need to be changed every five years. Based on four movements per day, this.

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