Our window blinds have a number of benefits when compared to traditional window drapery such as curtains. Here is our 5 top reasons why you should invest in SONA blind today.

  • Privacy

One of the most important benefits when it comes to blinds has to be privacy. Motorised blinds can give you that flexibility to turn any space into a more ‘private’ setting with the touch of a button or the swipe of an app.

  • Light Control

Another great benefit of motorised blinds it the ability to precisely control the light entering into a space. Blinds can be pre-programmed via a smart hub device to open and close at set times of day and also work with external sunlight sensors to protect your valuable furniture and furnishings from the hard damage of excess sunlight.

  • Energy Efficiency

Motorised blinds can help with maintaining the perfect ambient room temperature, whilst also working intelligently to either help retain heat in those cooler months or help reduce heat in those warmer months. Motorised blinds can be automatically pre-programmed to close at dusk and open at dawn making sure no heat is lost during winter, and to close at peak sunlight in the afternoon and open in the early evenings in summer to reduce any solar gain (see Motorised Blinds: Are They Energy Efficient & Save Costs).

  • Child Safety

Motorised blinds are essentially ‘cordless blinds’ that have many major safety benefits. With no external cords or cables, children are kept safe from the dangers of dangling cords and chains, which could cause harm. It may even happen when an adult is not present, so it’s best to keep the danger away by investing in cordless blind systems such as motorised blinds.

  • Security

To help maintain the look of occupation and protect your home, motorised blinds can be connected to a smart hub device and programmed on pre-set timings. For instance the blinds could open / close automatically several times as day whilst you are at work or have gone shopping, giving the appearance that the home is occupied and there is movement.