What is the expected lifespan of Motorised Blinds?

On average the motor and internal components should last anywhere between 3-8 years depending on usage and installation. Motorised Blinds (make sure to check out Sona Motorised Blinds) have a variety of benefits, the main one giving you seamless control of your Blinds via a Handset, Wall Switch or Smart-app Device. It makes them a go-to option for home installations and especially handy for windows or skylights that are in difficult or hard to reach areas. 

What batteries do Motorised Blinds use?

Motorised Blinds can run off Battery, Solar or Mains power. Let’s tackle the Battery question first. In general, for say a 2m x 2m standard blackout freehanging Blind we would anticipate the Battery to last anywhere between 6 – 9 months of usage with two operations daily before it requires a re-charge. In general Battery life all depends on the weight of the Blinds, the size of the window, and how often they are used, but on average they will likely require charging twice yearly.

How to recharge the battery?

Re-charging the Battery is a fairly simple process, the Battery can be removed from its two mounting clips and simply plugged into a 3-pin plug in wall charger. The Solar and Mains Power options won’t require charging at all, as the Solar will renew the Battery power as it harnesses energy from the sunlight and the Mains power option will get a constant feed through the incoming electricity supply.

How to power heavy-duty Blinds?

For larger commercial and heavy duty Blinds we always recommend going for the Mains power option as heavier fire retardant fabrics and more frequent usage can drain power more quickly. If this is not an option, we would then recommend Solar and as a final solution Battery would be specified. 

Are Motorised Blinds reliable?

The reliability of motorised window coverings is comparable to that of regular window treatments. Battery-operated shades, on the other hand, will need to be charged on a regular basis, depending on usage. The typical lifespan of most ordinary window coverings is 3-8 years (wondering can existing blinds be automated?).