Can you make Blinds Motorised?

Motorised Blinds can be operated by various types of motor systems which cover Blinds such as Roller, Freehanging and Skylight Blinds. Premium motorised Blinds can be powered Battery, Solar or Mains power which provides the flexibility to accommodate motorisation in any space. The size of your current window coverings can play a part in which type of motors will work best for your particular Blind and current usage pattern. You can also control your Blinds to open and close even when you are away from home with help of a Smart-app Device.

So, Is it possible to have Motorised Blinds?

In most cases the short answer is yes. It does depend on the type of your existing Blinds and the age and condition they are in. If you have recently installed window Blinds from a well-known manufacturer, then you can certainly look to upgrade your Blinds as the internal tubing should all be up to date and uniform across the industry. If you like the style, decor and your existing window coverings, then in some cases it does sense to keep them and update them with motorisation for your convenience. This will give you a whole new world of functionality. The motors can not only lift and lower your Blinds fully or partially, but they can also tilt the louvers for the exact amount of light, warmth and privacy that you desire at any time.

How are motorised Blinds powered?

Electric Blinds are operated by a tiny motorised mechanism that rotates spools which move the Blind up and down the window at the press of a button. They also great blinds to keep heat in.

Make sure to buy a Blind with a warranty!

We do however recommend for warranty and guarantee purposes to purchase your Blinds motorised from the initial stage as retrofitting Blinds can void warranties and also be quite time consuming to undertake. In the end there may not be a big different in purchasing a new Blind as opposed to retrofitting an existing Blind (also see how long do blinds last).