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Electric Motorised Blinds

The ultimate solution for your shaped window.

Are you looking for the best motorised blinds for your home or business? Look beyond the standard roman blinds, venetian blinds and wooden blinds. At SONA we’re providing a solution that offers true style alongside seamless functionality and energy efficiency. All of our motorised gable blinds, apex blinds, smart automated blinds, and electric rooflight skylight blinds come with different fabric options so that you can customise and perfect your space.

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Why choose motorised blinds for your gable end windows? Here are our top 5 benefits:


1. Safety

Cords on your window blinds can be dangerous, especially if you have pets or small children around. Cords dangling over blinds can also get twisted or pulled in the wrong direction which can damage the blind causing unnecessary repair and replacement costs. Being based on a cordless system, our motorised blackout blinds avoid all of these issues. Installing our SONA motorised blinds gives you seamless and safe control of your blinds.

2. Accessibility

Do you have a window that has been fixed high up or cannot be reached without a ladder? The ideal solution for its covering is with one of our motorised blinds which can run on either solar, battery or mains power. At SONA our motorised blinds also come with an smart app option wherein you can set the times for opening and closing the blinds via our smart hub device.

3. Security

If you have to leave your home for any reason, protect your home with the illusion that someone is in by setting our motorised blinds to open and close at certain times of the day with our smart hub device. Our dimout fabric provides a gentle hue of light whilst allowing you to retain your privacy. You can also choose blackout fabric for total privacy.


4. Shapes

For gable end, skylight, apex or bespoke shaped windows, choose SonaApex or SonaSky motorised blinds to fit and cover them perfectly. As motorised blinds do not contain a ‘pull-cord,’ blinds of all shapes and sizes can be controlled via the touch of a button, allowing for different aspects for your windows.

5. Decor

Motorised blinds are a perfect choice for homeowners who are looking to improve the aesthetics of their home. Not only do they maximise light, but they create a seamless look to their window profile.