Electric Roller Blinds

A flexible & style roller blind.

Our roller blind system, also known as SonaRise, creates the perfect light for any space with sheer, dim-out, and blackout fabric options. Choose a sheer to maintain view while diffusing UV rays that may damage furnishings. Dim-out fabrics are ideal for providing privacy while blackout fabrics are 100% opaque to eliminate all daylight. Also see our lantern blinds.

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Why choose electric roller blinds?


Child safety

Avoid the dangers of cord-based blinds. Our cordless blinds remove choking and strangling hazards completely, giving you total peace of mind.


The most useful facility of roller blinds is that they can be fitted in even the most awkward, hard to reach areas. With our wire-free, handset or wall switches, or built into a full home management system, you can adjust your window coverings from anywhere in your home. Our advanced technology gives you total control over even the most hard to reach windows in your home.


UV protection

When temperatures and UV rays are soaring, you can lower our roller blinds at a touch of a button – protecting your furniture, art and belongings from UV damage as well as keeping your home cool and comfortable.


Not only do our SonaRise roller blinds offer all of the practical benefits that we’ve mentioned above, they’re also a great way to impress your guests and visitors. Our roller blinds are also available housed in an aluminium cassette system with a wide range of hardware colours to choose from.