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Electric Freehanging Blinds

Incorporate style & innovation with our freehanging blinds.

Our free-hanging blind system, also known as SonaCell, is a pleated Honeycomb blind system that is ideal for rectangular or uniquely shaped windows (see our shaped window blinds). It comes with the added luxury of electric control via handsets or wall switches.

Honeycomb blinds sometimes also referred to as cellular or Duette blind retain heat better than and hide cords, offering both style and function.  All of our freehanging blinds are available with battery, mains or a solar power options and can all be integrated into a smart device via our smart hub system (also see our electric flat roof skylight blinds, motorised blinds and roller blinds from SONA).

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Why choose freehanging blinds?



Freehanging blinds sit closer to the edge of your window recess, which may allow for more light to be blocked out.


The Honeycomb fabric allows us to fit our blinds on a sleek 37mm headrail which can effortlessly blend into any beautiful interior.

Sound control

The Honeycomb design of the fabric minimises the level of sound coming through your windows, making them ideal for bedrooms.



Hexagonal structures that create an effective 'air pocket' diminish thermal transfer from your window, giving you both protection in those warmer and cooler months.

Low maintenance

A feather-duster or a soft hoover brush is enough to keep your blinds looking as good as new.