How Much Are Motorised Gable End Blinds in 2022?

Motorised Blinds can offer a vast amount of benefits over conventional Manual Blinds but these benefits do come in at an increased cost. Motorised Blinds (go now electric Blinds) are powered by an in-built motor technology within the Blind which is powered by either Battery, Solar or Mains power. These Blinds are then controlled via a Handset, Wall-Switch or Smart-app Device.

You can manage the opening and shutting of electronic Blinds from anywhere in the house. The most common method is to utilise a Remote Control, however a Smartphone app or other Smart Device can also be used.

Electric Blinds can also be rather fashionable as well as functional, but how much do electric Blinds cost? Continue reading to learn how much it costs to buy electric Blinds in the UK.

Different blind types will cost different

Prices for Motorised Blinds can vary for different Blind Types, we would normally work on a rule of thumb that a good quality motor system such as Somfy with a power supply and Handset would normally come in at between 150 – 200% of mark-up over a standard Manual Blind.

These figures are indicative only, and factors such as the type of Blind, fabric and hardware choice will also affect the overall cost. You may also pay more for extra features like Smart Hubs, Controls and integration with home automation systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do electric Blinds get their power?

Electric Blinds contain a motor that may be driven by a specific Battery or the Mains electricity in your home. The advantage of Battery-powered electric Blinds is that they are cordless, which many people like.

Is it worthwhile to invest in electric Blinds?

Electric Blinds are popular because they may save you time and effort. They can, in short, make life a bit easier. In most houses, they also seem modern, sophisticated, and appealing. The cost of motorised Blinds is significantly more than the cost of most other types of Blinds. Many people, however, believe that the increased cost is justified because they work harder and provide a higher degree of usefulness.

Is it possible to add a Motorise your current Blinds?

Certain types of Blinds may be able to be theoretically retrofitted with a motor, enhancing their usefulness. However, carefully designed electric Blinds built from scratch is always the best way forward.

Let us share with you, motorised blinds are 100% worth it!