Is it worthwhile to invest in Motorised Blinds?

Motorised Blinds (check our Smart Motorised Blinds) have a variety of benefits from seamless control, child-safety and security to say the least. The majority of Motorised Blinds can be effortlessly controlled via a Handset, Wall-Switch or Smart-app Device which makes it an ideal choice for rooms with a large number of windows, tall windows and windows in hard-to-reach areas.

What are the main benefits of Motorised Blinds?

Child safety in our opinion being the main benefit of Motorised Blinds (the cost of motorised blinds are affordable). We understand as parents your biggest concern is the safety of your children. Blinds with ‘cords’ which do not offer any child protection can be extremely dangerous and pose a risk of strangulation towards children. Motorised Blinds are in essence ‘cordless’ systems thus alleviating a potential choking hazard in the home.

Are Motorised Blinds good for security?

Security is another important aspect for any homeowner. Motorised Blinds can offer an effective way to protect your home from intrusion and making it appear like its occupied. With a Smart-app Device Blinds can be set on a timed schedule during the day/week to simulate that you are home. If you integrate them with a Smart Hub, you can control them from remotely and through the app adjust them when you feel it is needed.

Do Motorised Blinds save energy?

Energy performance is another great benefit of installing motorised Blinds. Smart sun sensors can help to minimise the amount of energy used or lost by allowing the Blinds to act automatically and independently by communicating with a smart sun sensor. Perfectly programmed, the Blinds will close during the warmest part of the day and open during a winters sunny day allowing the sun to enter the room and heat up the house naturally. Reducing the energy spent is good for your personal economy as well as good for the environment and future of our planet (our blinds are good for keeping in heat).

Are Motorised Blinds good?

Motorised Blinds are ultra-modern and practical. One of the nicest things about motorised Blinds is that pre-set timings can be used to automate their movement based on the sunset and sunrise. Another example, if the light level changes, you may use a remote control to adjust the Blinds to set the chosen mood of your room.