We were contacted by our developer client when no other blind companies were able to solve the issues presented by the pair of apex shaped windows in this beautiful master suite in Hale, Cheshire. The sloping heads of the windows, plus their unbalanced size difference, and the requirement for complete blackout darkness was a challenge. It was also, however, exactly the type of project we like to undertake at SONA.

We used Honeycell 25mm blackout cellular fabric, in combination with our Somfy remote-control 12v electric motors and our sleek solar panel and li-ion battery pack to accommodate the inaccessible 4.5m window height. The blinds also were complimented by a Perfect Fit International framework system which was coated in bespoke powder. The blinds retract effortlessly and quietly to ensure the clean lines of the building are not compromised.


Hale, Cheshire

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SonaApex Shaped Blinds
Honeycell Blinds

Power Supply

Solar Pack