Pleated Duette Fabric

Honeycomb & Duette Blinds

Incorporate style & innovation with our honeycomb fabrics.

HoneyComb or Duette blinds are a pleated Honeycomb blind system that is ideal for uniquely shaped windows with the added luxury of electric control via our handsets or wall switches.

Duette blinds are essentially two or more pleated blinds back to back so that they form a Honeycomb cellular shape. This is beneficial as it helps to retain heat better than most other blinds. Also due to the cellular effect of the fabric the lift cords that are visible on a pleated blind are hidden as they run through the fabric making this a seamless option.

Our HoneyComb or Duette blinds are available in 25 mm width structures. The Honeycomb design actually traps air increasing the energy saving properties of the fabric. This type of fabric offers the perfect light control, privacy and sound absorption compared to say a normal roller blind fabric. The flexibility with the fabric allows us to product complex shaped windows such as gable end blinds, apex blinds and rooflight blinds.

We would say one of the best features of our HoneyComb or Duette blinds is the insulation and thermal efficiency values the fabric can add. Studies have showing nearly 50% of a properties cooling & heat can be lost through avenues such as its windows or skylights. HoneyComb and Duette fabric can help alleviate any unwanted heat loss by nearly 87%.

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Why choose Duette blinds?



Freehanging blinds sit closer to the edge of your window recess, thus allow for more light to be blocked out.


The Honeycomb fabric allows us to fit our blinds on a sleek 37mm headrail which can effortlessly blend into any beautiful interior.

Sound control

The Honeycomb design of the fabric minimises the level of sound coming through your windows, making them ideal for bedrooms.



Hexagonal structures that create an effective 'air pocket' diminish thermal transfer from your window, giving you both protection in those warmer and cooler months.

Low maintenance

A feather-duster or a soft hoover brush is enough to keep your blinds looking as good as new.