Shaped Blind - SonaApex

Custom Shaped Blinds For Windows Of All Sizes

Shaped blinds that provide the ultimate solution.

SonaApex, our shaped blinds (such as our Apex blinds for windows), work with any shaped area. A pleated Honeycomb blind system, they are perfect for shaped and triangular gable-end blinds, apex and uniquely shaped windows and offer the added luxury of electric control via handsets or wall switches.

SONA are specialists in shading solutions for gable-end and uniquely shaped windows. We work with designers and architects throughout the UK and Europe to develop bespoke solutions that don’t compromise the visual appeal and overall design of the property, but deliver an immaculate shading solution.

All of our shaped blinds are available with battery, mains or solar power options and can all be integrated into a smart device via our smart hub system. Also, see our motorised electric blinds and skylight blinds range.

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For added security, our automated shaped blinds utilise the latest in smart home technology. You can programme our blinds to open and close with use of our smart hub when you're not at home or at bedtime, in the evening or during daylight to give the illusion someone is present.

UV protection

When you’ve invested in your home's decor, it's important to protect it. Even on a cloudy day, the sun can fade and deteriorate your fabrics, carpet, flooring, and even wall coverings. Our shaped blinds all feature UV protective fabric which has been designed to protect your furnishings from the sun, increase energy efficiency and create the perfect ambiance in your home.


Bespoke shapes

Our Honeycomb fabric (also known as Duette fabric) allows us to create a variety of bespoke shapes and sizes which range from steep-pitched triangular blinds to large 4.5m wide gable-end blinds


Our shaped blinds are available in either dimout or blackout Honeycomb fabrics. Blackout fabric provides total privacy at night time which is better suited to rooms such as bedrooms and intimate living areas. Dimout fabric gently mutes the light giving the illusion of light whilst retaining some privacy.