• Energy Savings

One of the weakest parts in your home when it comes to energy efficiency is your window glazing. Our Honeycomb motorised freehanging blinds (SonaCell) is a perfect option for providing additional thermal efficiency in your home. Motorised blinds can be interlinked with a smart hub device which can lower the blinds on automated time such as sunset and sunrise to maximise the solar gain and also reduce the heat loss in the evenings.

Our cellular fabric features special hexagonal structures that connect to create ‘air-pockets’ that reduce thermal transfer, giving you that additional insulation you require. Adding Honeycomb blinds throughout your property may lower your energy bills by as much as 25%.

  • Child Safety

If you are a Parent, you have likely ensured that every nook and cranny of your home is child-friendly. You’ve protected electrical sockets, installed child safe locks on cupboards and cabinets, and as well as secured any loose furniture safely into place. Unfortunately, one area which is often over looked is blind cords which could be extremely dangerous towards young children.

Children could become tangled by the dangling cord, leading to a dangerous situation. It may even happen when you’re not present, so it’s best to keep danger away by investing in cordless blind systems such as motorised blinds. Freehanging motorised blinds can only be operated through a wireless handset eliminating the need for any manual cords. Rest knowing your blinds are child safety approved.

  • UV Protection

Sunshine can be a wonderful thing and hold many benefits but not when it comes to your beloved furnishings and furniture. Freehanging motorised blinds have the capability to protect your home against the damage that sunlight may cause by using their inbuilt smart technology combined with additional sunlight sensors and specialist fabrics.

When it comes to those scorching summer months, a constant flood of sunlight could end up bleaching your flooring, furnishings, and other cherished items. Sunlight can also be damaging to paintings, photographs and art pieces, so make sure to invest in intelligent freehanging motorised blinds to give you the best tools you’re your protection. Paquet and wooden flooring can also be quite susceptible to UV rays, so make sure that your blinds are automatically closed during the hottest times of the day.

  • Technology

We think control is a good a thing! Investing in freehanging motorised blinds allows you to have full control over your window blinds, ensuring that it can easily be incorporated into your already existing smart home devices, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

However, if you would like to operate your blinds independently of a smart home system you can control the blinds via a wireless handset or wall switch.

Motorised blinds can be either powered by battery or solar which means no additional electrical work required. Our wire-free lithium-ion technology, allows you to save time and money from chasing out and channelling walls whilst having the full operation of an automated mains powered blind.

Our freehanging motorised blinds can last anywhere between 6-9 months on a single charge depending on size / usage. Once the power runs out and you require a re-charge, simply plug in and connect.

  • Freedom (Elderly / Disabled)

We appreciate that some elderly or persons with disabilities may need a set of helping hands. It can be hard to function on their own, especially when it comes to tasks that require balanced physical activity.

This includes adjusting manual blinds, which with their cords can be difficult to do even for the most capable. Freehanging motorised blinds are able to be open and closed effortlessly with a single touch of the remote control, or phrase to a smart device such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Time schedules can also be automatically set to allow the blinds to operated based on pre-set preferences. Motorisation is also a safe option, especially since operating manually blinds could be hazardous—people could easily lose balance, placing themselves in risky situations With the help of a freehanging motorised blinds and other smart home accessories you’ll be able to increase the accessibility and safety of your chosen space.

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