When renovating or constructing a home it is important for anyone to consider function as well as aesthetic luxury when it comes to their motorised blinds. Motorised blinds can not only look beautiful but also boast an array of smart functionality such as, energy-saving, light control, security, child safety and convenience.


Installing motorised blinds in your home can be of a significant benefit by helping in reducing the amount of energy that your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems use on a daily basis. Once your motorised blinds are connected to a smart device, they can operate independently from the thermostat readings and additional sunlight sensors.

Your blinds will operate according to the pre-set program set-up via the app, such as opening on a bright sunny day to invite heat naturally into your space. The same goes for those colder days, our honeycomb cellular fabric can specially trap heat in between the air pockets of the blind fabric and in essence create additional thermal retention.


Light control is another great function of luxury motorised blinds. We understand that getting the perfects night sleep is of paramount importance and that poor or inadequate sleep can affect your health, mood and mental wellbeing.

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A deep sleep is something we all try and aim for, and as a general rule it is widely known that it is best to sleep in as much darkness as possible. Darkness reduces potential distraction and disruptions to the sleep cycle. With our motorised blinds you can opt for our freehanging cellular range known as SonaCell, this allows the blinds to sit as tight as possible to the edge of the windows thus blocking out as much unnecessary light as possible.


A recent report initiated by the Home Office on Crime in England revealed that domestic burglaries could be reduced by up to 6% by homeowners taking preventative measures such as installing window blinds to glazing on the ground floor.

To help maintain the look of occupation and protect your home, motorised blinds can be connected to a smart hub device and programmed on pre-set timings. For instance the blinds could open / close automatically several times as day whilst you are at work or have gone shopping, giving the appearance that the home is occupied and there is movement.

Child Safety

Motorised blinds are essentially ‘cordless blinds’ that have many major safety benefits. With no external cords or cables, children are kept safe from the dangers of dangling cords and chains, which could cause harm.

It may even happen when an adult is not present, so it’s best to keep the danger away by investing in cordless blind systems such as motorised blinds. Luxury motorised blinds can only be operated through a wireless handset eliminating the need for any manual cords. Rest knowing your blinds are child safety approved.


One of the most appreciated functions of motorised blinds has to be the convenience. Opening or closing a motorised blind is simple and effortless. By tapping on a remote control, wall switch or smart app you can control your motorised blinds, even when you’re far away from home or at work.

Motorised electric blinds are especially useful in large dwellings with multiple rooms and windows as all the blinds could be opened or closed at the touch of a button saving you time and physical energy. Motorised blinds can be programmed to close or open at specific times, so no more running around your home each morning and night to operate your blinds.

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