Are Shaped Blinds Worth it?

Shaped, gable-end or apex blinds are the perfect choice for a long term window covering. They rarely date in style, they offer great light control and privacy and can all be operated via the touch of a button on the wireless handset.

Maintenance is fairly simple, our specialist blind fabric can be easily cleaned with a soft brush hoover nozzle, duster or even an air compressor if your feeling fancy.

We only use reliable Somfy motor systems in all our blinds, which are also backed by our 3-year warranty. As there is little human interaction with operating the blind, they are prone to very little errors. In some cases we have seen motorised shaped blinds last 10 years plus.

How Long Do Shaped Blinds Last?

More costly shaped blinds are often made of higher-quality materials and normally last longer than less expensively made shaped blinds with lower-quality materials. We make all our shaped blinds with the finest and most reliable German componentry.

However, how well you care for them has a big impact on their lifespan. They could last 10 years plus if operated normally and maintained on a regular basis.

On battery or solar-powered versions of our shaped blinds, the lithium-ion battery provided normally has a 5 year life span and can easily be changed for a replacement in a matter of minutes (also see how long do motorised blinds last?).

Important Considerations When Purchasing Shaped Blinds


Decide whether you require the blind for privacy, light control or for security. We offer a range of fabrics to cater for most preferences. Blackout fabrics being the most popular as they can be drawn in the evenings to eliminate any light seepage and offer privacy at the same time.


Prior to purchasing shaped window coverings for your project, try to be realistic on budget. Larger window coverings will certainly cost more because they are purchased according to size. Shaped blinds are also extremely time consuming to manufacture so their cost tends to be higher than traditional shaped blinds. Shaped blinds also use cellular or duette honeycomb fabrics which are normally more costlier than the standard flat roller fabric alternative.

Home Interior Decoration

For the best results, your window covering should keep in tone with the rest of your decor, 95% of the blinds we supply are mostly in neutral tones so the blinds seamlessly blend into your space without creating a focal point.

Security and Light

Window coverings should be chosen with privacy and light control in mind. Do you want to keep out harmful UV rays or allow some natural light in? Our honeycomb duette fabrics are perfect for both offering privacy and light control, we have a specially selected range of dimout and blackout fabrics for you to choose from.


Do you have any children or pets? If this is the case, the safest blinds and shades on the market should be used. Wireless blinds and shades are one of the safest window treatment alternatives in this situation. These window treatments, despite their corded counterparts, do not include drawcords, which might be dangerous to children and pets if they become tangled in them.

Window Metrics

Determining the correct size of your windows simplifies the process of selecting the best window treatment, we recommend finding an experienced professional who can work with the SONA product range. Measurements are key – we like to say โ€œdefining the voidโ€ is the best place to start. Larger shaped, gable-end or apex blinds do look better in more neutral coloured fabrics.

The Different Styles of Shaped Blinds

When choosing between shaped-blind styles you are dictated by the shape of your window recess. Most shaped, gable-end or apex blinds fall under the below shapes. The majority of our blinds operate from a top-down system – we can also cater for bottom-up systems but guidewires are then visible.