Finding the right blinds for your home is imperative when it comes to furnishing your home. You want something that not only blends in with the interior but serves its full purpose, providing shade for the room when needed whilst also maximising the amount of beautiful sunshine when required.

Blinds can come in many different shapes, types and sizes, ranging in various designs. Whether you’ve recently had gable-end windows installed in your home or are looking for the right blinds, here’s our guide on finding the best blinds for gable-end windows.

What are gable-end windows?

Gable-end windows are found at the top end of a pitched roof at the side of a house. With a flat surface, they allow natural light to flow through the room seamlessly. They’re the type of windows that aren’t placed on sloping roofs or protruding from the house but have a flat and modern  appeal to them.

Gable-end windows are becoming increasingly popular for many homeowners with their aesthetic design and functional properties. They’re installed as clear panes of glass from floor to ceiling instead of around traditional brickwork like many other window types. This helps maximise the amount of natural light and offers a modern twist to your home.

Although they’re the pretty type of window to choose, the only slight downside is how to dress them, but this is where we come in at SONA.

Which blinds are best for gable-end windows?

Gable-end blinds

Gable-end windows are typically triangular-shaped which means it can be tricky to find a suited blind to fit properly and offer everything a good blind should.

SonaApex, also known as gable-end window blinds is our top recommendation. The blinds are bespoke manufactured for triangular-shaped windows and come with the convenience of operating with a remote control or smart hub device. They bring the phrase ‘smart’ into smart blinds really, with a touch of personalisation too.

Every gable-end window can be different from the next and that is why our SonaApex blinds can be what you’re looking for. We work with you to ensure the blind is the correct fit – so not only will it look aesthetically pleasing, it’ll work functionally too.

What makes gable-end blinds even better is the Perfect Fit International framework because it provides you with an additional level of privacy and darkness control – exactly what you need for a good night’s sleep.

There are different types of blinds under gable-end blinds including Duette blinds, which use our honeycomb fabric to make several pleated blinds stacked up upon each other. These blinds are handy, aiding thermal efficiency, and are designed to look virtually invisible, adding a modern edge to the room. They’re also a winner with sound control, minimising the amount of noise coming through the window.

Gable-end blinds can all be used with our smart hub system, either through a battery, mains, or solar power supply. The ease of opening and shutting blinds has never been easier with a power of a button.

Shaped blinds

Shaped blinds are very similar to gable-end blinds and are designed for the same purpose: to fit the gable-end window perfectly. The design of the blind is shaped to the size of your window with the added luxury of an electric control via either a handset or wall switch, whichever suits you better.

These types of blinds have many advantages including the power of shading and keeping the light out whenever you wish. At SONA, we work with designers and architects to create blinds that not only match the style of your home but are also functional at fulfilling the shading solution promise.

What are the benefits of finding the best blinds for gable-end windows?

Finding the best blinds for your gable-end windows is the answer to a more comfortable room experience with the many benefits they offer. Whether you choose gable-end blinds or shaped blinds, both options are suited to achieve your desired look with all the perks too.

Low maintenance

When it comes to cleaning your house and keeping it in shape, the last thing we all want to do is spend hours dusting each blind. However, these blinds work wonders for being low maintenance. Either use a feather duster or soft hoover brush and your blinds will be looking like new.


Finding the right blinds is all about how efficiently they work for you. The hexagonal structure of these blinds means they create an effective ‘air pocket’. This pocket diminishes thermal transfer from your window – which is a winner for all kinds of weather. Your home will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Blackout effect

The right blinds for your window will be shaped accordingly to the right size, preventing any kind of light from peeping through when they’re shut. This blackout effect can benefit you in the nighttime when it’s time for bed or even if you work a night shift and need to sleep throughout the day.


We all deserve the privilege of privacy in our home, after all, it’s our space to live our lives and fully relax after a long day. With perfectly suited blinds, you’ll be blessed with privacy from the blackout effect and sound control element, plus the feeling of being safe when the blinds are closed for the day.


This leads us to the benefit of security. At Sona, our gable-end blinds and shaped blinds can both be fitted with smart home technology. This technology allows you to programme the blinds to open and close for a certain time, whether you’re at home or not. With this effect in place, it helps give the illusion someone is present in your home and there’s no need to worry whilst you’re off on holiday.

UV protection

When we think of this protection, we think of our skin, not our furniture. Over time, UV rays can affect the look of the furniture which is why in our range of blinds, UV protection is included in the fabric. This can prevent your fabrics from deteriorating and also increase the energy efficiency overall in your home.

Looking to find out more about blinds for gable-end windows? Check out our website or contact one of our team today.