Technology continues to make life easier at home through home control systems such as the Control4 system. The convenience of controlling every device in the house from a single point is priceless. However, before automation, it is typical for one to worry about whether their smart home features will be compatible with their home control system. If you plan to automate your home and wonder whether those beautiful electric blinds will work with your much-desired Control4 system, then this article is for you. In this article, we answer whether electric roller blinds work with the Control4 system, explain how each operates, discuss the advantages of integrating the two and answer the frequently asked questions on this topic.

What are Electric Blinds

It is crucial to understand electronic blinds before explaining how they integrate with the Control4 system. An electric blind is a modern, classy window dressing programmed through a motorised system allowing you to operate the up and down feature using a remote control. Typically, these blinds look like the traditional honeycomb pleated blinds, only that they have an inbuilt motor system that allows them to operate up and down as instructed by the remote control.

It would not be fair to explain what electronic blinds are without mentioning a few of their benefits. The most common benefit of any smart home device is convenience, which applies to these blinds. Unlike the traditional blinds, which require you to use a pull cord or chain to operate the blinds, electric blinds save energy and time by allowing you to control them from any part of the room. Electric blinds also offer child security due to their cordless nature. With these blinds, you can worry less about your toddler playing with the window blind cords, which may cause harm.

Since we now understand what electronic blinds are, let us understand what a control4 system is before explaining how the two possibly integrate.

What is a Control4 system?

By now, you have likely come across the word home automation. Home automation involves integrating all your smart devices with one home control system from which you can control these devices. While there are other home control systems, the Control4 system has become one of the leading companies in offering this service. The system is designed to integrate with most smart features in your home and create a single control point. For instance, if you have a thermostat, smart locks, electronic blinds and an audio system, you can turn off the thermostat, lock the main door, tune your TV and turn on your audio system with just a single button on your Control4 system remote control.

Most people settle for the Control4 system for its convenience, ease of use, improved security, continuous updates, energy efficiency, and maximisation of comfort. With a Control4 system, you do not have to master all your devices’ remotes since the integration creates a single control point from which you can control all your devices simultaneously. The Control4 system also improves security by allowing you to set your security and surveillance preferences from anywhere inside or outside the house. With its high-end features, the Control4 system automatically updates itself regularly, making it easy to integrate with any new devices you may add later to your home. It is also easy to save energy with a Control4 system as you can easily turn off the thermostat or the lights from another room in the comfort of your sofa or outside the house.

Do Electric Blinds work with the Control4 system?

The answer is an absolute yes! Electric blinds can effectively work with the Control4 system. Whether you just got these blinds and are wondering whether they will work with your Control4 system or you got a Control4 system and wondering whether it will work with your favourite electric blinds, relax and accomplish your home automation dream without worry. The Control4 system is designed to integrate with thousands of smart home devices, including electric roller blinds.

With the help of professionals, the Control4 system will integrate with the built-in system in your electric blinds and offer you a central control point for these blinds. You will not have to identify the electric blinds remote control every time you need some light or privacy. Instead, all you will have to do is operate the up or down position of your blinds from your interface of choice. This could be your smartphone, laptop, tablet, voice control, remote control, or an on-wall touchscreen. Operating the up and down your electric roller blinds will become just a button, a touch or a word away with the Control4 system.

Benefits of Integrating the Control4 System with Electric Blinds

Since we have understood that it is possible to integrate the Control4 system with electric blinds, let us now consider the benefits that come with this integration.


The main objective of getting any smart feature is to attain convenience. Integrating your electronic roller with the Control4 system gives you the freedom to control your blinds even from a different room or even from outside. For instance, imagine the convenience of operating the electric blinds in your child’s nursery from the comfort of your seat. Although electric blinds are made to operate up and down on their own automatically, they may still require you to go upstairs and use the remote for that specific room. With the Control4 system, you can do this even when you are miles away from your home.

UV Protection

If one were to estimate the amount of money they have invested in their home, they would want to do anything to protect the items in the house. One such way is by avoiding soaring temperature and UV rays that may damage your furniture, clothes, art designs, and other belongings in the place. Control4 system and electric blind integration mean having the power to control these rays from wherever by only pressing a button to operate the blinds down once you realise the harsh rays.


Everyone feels safe when there is enough privacy in the house. Although the electric blinds offer privacy independently, they operate more easily with the Control4 system. For instance, with unautomated electric blinds, and you forget to operate them down as you leave the house, there is not much you can do to fix that. But with the integration between these electric blinds and the Control4 system, you can cover your windows even if you are away from home if your interface is a portable device. It is also possible to cover some rooms and leave others with the Control4 system. For complete privacy, you may decide to get dim-out fabrics and enjoy your privacy.


Natural light hits differently, and everyone should have a chance to experience that. However, sometimes the light can become too much or too little depending on the electric roller blinds’ level. The Control4 system allows you to operate your window blinds to a certain level for maximum or just enough light. To ensure that your light is just the right amount, you may consider choosing a sheer that maintains the view and avoids so much light. SONA has all these and much more designs to fit your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about Control4 systems and Electric Blinds:

1. What are electric blinds?

Electric blinds are window covers with a motorised control point. Once installed, you can use a remote to roll them up and down according to your preference. Electric blinds come with different shades, colours and designs to fit your taste. To learn more about these automatic blinds and their designs, visit

2. What is a Control4 system?

A Control4 system is a home automation system that integrates smart devices in the house, creating a single control point for all of them. Most homeowners settle for this system due to its high-end features and ease of use.

3. Do electric blinds work with the Control4 system?

Yes. Electric blinds work perfectly with the Control4 system. The inbuilt system in these blinds allows the Control4 system to integrate with them and create a network from which the user can access these window covers using the Control4 system remote control. The integration even allows users to control their window blinds miles away from home.

4. Can I operate my electric blinds away from home?

Yes, you can, but this is only possible if you have automated your house with the Control4 system. Individually, the remote control used to roll up and down electric blinds may not help much if you are far from home. However, with the Control4 and electric blinds integration, you can control your window blinds from your office.

5. Where is the best place to purchase electric blinds?

Quality goes hand in hand with professionals. If you have been looking for a perfect place to purchase electric roller blinds to go with your Control4 system or to install them separately, look no further. SONA has got you covered. We offer quality electric blinds of various designs and colours and professional installation services.

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