We can all agree that those relaxing moments at home are priceless, especially after a long day. Imagine experiencing that comfort without reaching out for the TV remote control or running to close the blinds. With a Control4 system, you gain control over nearly every device or system in your house from a single point. This allows you to control the background music, room temperature, security, privacy and most importantly your electric blinds. If you may be wondering how much money you need for such heavenly automation, read on for answers. This article explains how a Control4 system works, its features, how much the Control4 system for home automation costs, and the factors affecting this cost.

How does the Control4 system work?

Everyone desires to make their life easier. This explains why most people have installed smart home features such as automated blinds, heating, lighting, television, and smart locks. However, independently controlling all these intelligent features may be daunting, explaining why you need a Control4 system. A Control4 system integrates all the smart home features in a single handheld device.

The Control4 system has features Zigbee based mesh network that enable it to achieve this automation. Zigbee is a program that enables the communication between different smart devices for easy coordination. The Zigbee feature allows data sharing between smart devices for coordination. These features make it easy for the Control4 system to combine everything and create a single control point.

How much does a Control4 Cost?

Like most other systems, the Control4 system installation depends on the user’s specific requirements. For this, the installation cost may differ depending on factors like the house size and the number of controllers needed to cover the whole house. The estimated cost of Control4 system installation for a three-bedroom house may be around £5-8k Pounds; for a 4-6 bedroom house, the cost may shoot to £12-15k Pounds, while a 6-7 bedroom house may cost anywhere around £25k +. To understand why prices vary depending on the house size, let us consider the components involved in basic Control4 system home automation.

Components of Control4 System Home Automation

Connecting all devices in your home is far more than just plugging and playing the Control4 device. It involves a deep interaction between different components such as the controllers, interfaces, networking, and audio systems.

1. Controllers

Controllers are the back-bones of the Control4 installation process. They connect your home’s network to any compatible components in the house. Controllers also act as the brain of this operation by enabling coordination and management of all other installed components. Controllers also allow the system to interpret commands from the user through their phones, tablets or other control devices. The three types of controllers are the CA-1, EA-series and CA-10 controllers.

A CA-1 controller is the most basic controller one may use. It offers connectivity between Wi-Fi and Zigbee features. This controller lets you control your home features such as smart locks, electric blinds, and smart lights. EA- series controllers, on the other hand, add in the streaming audio and video properties and make it possible for the user to control their TV, speakers, digital media and compatible set boxes. They are classified as EA-1, EA-3 and EA-5. Each number represents the number of streams the controller can handle. Lastly, the CA-10, a recent addition, comes up with four times more processing power than EA-5. It is designed for homes with a vast number of connected devices.

2. User Interface

This is another crucial feature in the Control4 installation process, which may take different forms depending on the user’s requirements. It may be a simple handheld remote, a wall touch screen or a mobile device. Again, the type of interface a user settles for affects the installation price. For example, people who decide on in-wall touchscreens may pay more than those who settle for mobile phones and remote controls. It is advisable to go for the in-wall touchscreen interface to ensure your house gets a centralised control point.

3. Audio and Video Systems

To ensure you enjoy your music to the fullest, you need to invest in streaming audio speakers and A/V interfaces. The Control4 system allows you to stream any music and control its volume from any corner of your house. Remember, the larger your house, the more speakers and audio systems you may require and the higher the cost of automation.

4. Networking

The Control4 installation process requires wireless and enterprise-level wired networks for proper performance. You will need to invest in a robust home network to experience the maximum comfort of controlling the network-connected devices, video streaming, and clear communication between these devices. Climate control systems such as thermostats and automatic blinds also require to connect with the Control4 system during installation through networking. Security systems such as smart locks are also connected during the installation and lighting systems. With this whole networking, it becomes easier for the user to control the temperature, music, security, and light from a single interface.

Having understood the features required for a complete Control4 system home automation and how they relate to house size, it is clear that there is no one-size-fits-all price for a Control4 system installation. You may consider visiting sonashades.com to get a precise estimate of the cost of installing a Control4 system for your house. Below are additional factors that might affect the Control4 system home automation cost.

Factors that Affect the Control4 System Home Automation Cost

Many factors may affect the cost of having whole-home automation using the Control4 system. This part discusses the most significant features and those that apply to most home automation processes.

Customer Preference

We all have different tastes regarding how we want our homes to appear. For example, one homeowner may prefer having remote controls as user interfaces available in every room, while another may settle for an in-wall touchscreen free from plain view. These preferences vary and affect the cost of Control4 installation.

Features and Systems

These refer to the already existing smart home features. The more systems that need automation, the greater the cost of automation. While these features are surprisingly affordable, the cost of more significant integrations to create whole-home automation may increase the price. A homeowner with only a music system and a thermostat may not pay an equal amount to one with hundreds of devices that need automation.

Home Size

Your home size is another factor that may either increase or reduce the Control4 system for home automation costs. A smaller home requires fewer devices and thus needs fewer networks and interfaces. This explains why they’re cheaper to automate. On the other hand, a larger home requires more extensive networks and may have numerous devices, increasing the cost of automation.

Quality of Purchased Audio or Video

The quality of previously installed devices like televisions, audio components, and speakers may also affect the cost of whole-home automation. The higher the quality levels, the more it may cost to automate them using the Control4 system. At Sonashades.com, we guide our potential customers to select the best components’ quality depending on their budget and specific requirements.

Cost of Installation and set-up

The cost of installation may include the professional fee and the cost of controllers and interfaces, among other expenses. All these differ from one client to another since, like the Control4 system for home automation purchase, the installation also depends on factors like the size of the house or the number of devices to be connected. While it is essential to work as per your budget, it is also crucial that you consider choosing the best professionals for your home automation process. Working with professionals will help you avoid hitches that may cause disappointments later after the installation process is over. Professionals also help your Control4 system realise its full potential and make it easier for everyone in the family to access and control the system. Feel free to visit Sonashades.com for more information on how to automate your home with professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about Control4 systems:

1. What is the estimated cost of a Control4 system?

The cost of the Control4 system for a typical three-bedroom house is around £8-10k. However, this is just an estimate given that many factors affect the Control4 system for home automation cost. These include the number and quality of devices to be connected, the size of the house, the type of controllers needed for the automation, customer preference, and the installation cost. The only way to get a better estimate of your home automation cost is to visit a dealer like Sonashades.com and discuss your preferences with our much-supportive customer care agents for easier budgeting.

2. Can I install the Control4 system myself?

No. It is impossible to install the Control4 system for home automation by yourself. Like most other installations, this requires professionals who ensure they maximise the benefits of this heavenly system. Professionals also reduce the number of hitches, offering you and your family the chance to fully experience the joy of this automation and get value for your money.

3. Is the Control4 system worth it?

In our opinion absolutely yes. A Control4 system is worth every pound as they pair beautifully with our SONA automated blind systems. From a user perspective, this system is easy to control, and anyone, including children, can handle it. This system helps you and your family look forward to getting home every day for those magical moments with Control4 system home automation.