Nothing matches that great feeling of heading to bed for the night after a long day at work or home caring for your children. It’s crucial to establish a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom, whether you use it for working, reading, or sleeping, and there are a few designer secrets you may not have considered.

These small changes will not only make your bedroom look lovely, but they will also help you sleep better. Instead, they’ll make going to bed even more tempting. Do you want to hear some more good news? It’s not about blowing a lot of money. It’s all about refocusing your goals and adjusting your design approach.

Organise And Clean Your Space

Clear out the clutter and organise your closet to give your bedroom an immediate makeover. Getting rid of useless furniture and piles of old reading materials you don’t use every day and limiting your decorative things to just a few are some of the actions you should take to improve the overall look of your bedroom.

Giving your clothes, shoes, accessory items, and other small personal things permanent storage locations in your closet makes it simpler to preserve a lovely, orderly bedroom with less visible junk.

Install open shelves and cubicles for stacking plastic shoe boxes, wire baskets packed with folded T-shirts and sweaters, and utilise double hanging racks for blouses, shirts, trousers, and skirts to maximise vertical wall space. Seasonal apparel should be stored in big canvas boxes on the top shelves, with current goods on the middle and lower levels, where they are easily accessible.

Enhance Your Walls

Apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls to provide a new background for your bedroom items. The wall colour sets the tone for a room, choose a colour that complements the mood you want to create.

Blue walls, for example, provide a calm, relaxing ambience, while green tones provide a natural, healing sensation. Apply spotless white paint to the walls for a light, airy feel and grey for a new, contemporary look.

To increase the visual appeal, create a highlight wall by painting a single wall in a complementary colour. Alternatively, use patterned wallpaper, faux painting methods, decorative decals, or crown moulding to add visual interest to your walls.

Work On The Headboard

A new headboard will appeal to the bed, which is the primary focal point of any bedroom. To impart an elegant, upmarket atmosphere, replace your old headboard with an upholstered replacement in a sumptuous material like rich velvet, woven tapestry, or buttery leather.

You may also make a simple one-of-a-kind headboard from recycled wood boards from an old barn or pasture fence. Cosy blankets, a down comforter, plump bed pillows, complementing shams, a stylish bed skirt, beautiful toss pillows, and a woven furniture wrap are just a few of the new bedding options for your bed. To add to the overall wow factor, hang a gleaming chandelier over your bed.

Appreciate The Small Details

Sometimes, it takes a few minor tweaks to make a significant style statement in a bedroom. For an instant attention-getter, replace the old hardware on your dresser, chest of drawers, and nightstands with new knobs, handles, and drawer pulls. Use gleaming chrome hardware for a modern look, glass knobs for an antique feel, and black wrought-iron pieces for an Old World look.

You may also use a big bright canvas painting to bring attention to a blank wall or a new area rug to pull your gaze below. Remove heavy window coverings that obscure the outside view to extend your line of sight to the outdoors. Set a vase of fresh flowers atop a dresser to bring a bit of the outdoors inside; add drama to a barren area with an attractive potted palm.

Have A Lot Of Storage Space

Store items out of sight to contribute to the tranquillity of a bedroom. The space will look more spacious and tranquil.

Here are some guidelines on how to go about it:

  • Choose a large bedside table with drawers or doors to keep books, lotion, and reading glasses close at hand but hidden away. Use a skirted table or a small dresser with drawers for added storage.
  • Toss excess sheets, blankets, and pillows into a trunk at the foot of the bed.
  • Use a headboard with constructed shelves or sliding panels for quick accessibility to books and accessories.
  • A custom-designed organising system may help you get the most out of your wardrobe.
  • Put shallow boxes under the bed and cover them with a lovely bed skirt.

Dress Up Your Windows

Window treatments do more than keep the light out of space. They add appeal to a window by dressing it up. They might be bold and dramatic or subtle and delicate. In any case, they will have a significant influence in a bedroom.

Even if your windows are small, try our SONA motorised blackout blinds that help keep your room as dark as possible ensuring you get the best night’s sleep possible. Our blinds are perfect for gable-end, apex, shaped and standard window blinds. We have a range of honeycomb duette fabrics to select from and the best quality Somfy motor systems.

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It’s worth noting that having too many elements or focus points may make a space appear crowded and hectic, as your eyes will jump from one item to the next, unsure of where to look. Not only that, but a noisy bedroom makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. One main point will immediately impact the occupants without overwhelming them.

Making your room a productive and delightful place to live may help you enhance your mental health, increase productivity, and promote mindfulness. Painting, moving, decorating, or making other changes to your area may instantly transform it.