Home control4 systems add convenience and efficiency to every home. However, this only happens if you settle for a system that will let you enjoy home automation’s optimum benefits. Control4 system is a leading home control system designed to integrate different devices in the house and create a single control interface. Control4 is easy to use, and you can control it on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, or even your computer. You can manage everything in your home from a single system because Control4 is compatible with multiple devices.

Here are some devices that you can control with a Control4 system:

  1. Motorised Blinds
  2. Lighting Control
  3. Home Audio
  4. Smart Locks
  5. Thermostats

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Devices That Work with Control4 System and Their Benefits

To control your home while you are in total comfort, the following are some of the devices and how they can integrate with the Control4 home automation system to simplify your home’s technology by combining everything to benefit you.

1. Motorised Blinds

A simple task like adjusting your window shades is easy. However, some windows may be very high, making it difficult for you to access them. Whether accessible or unreachable, you can make it effortless using the Control4 system integrated with motorised blinds. This integration eliminates manual adjustment of the window blinds. You can use Control4 if you want a more effective and convenient method of adjusting your window blinds without moving around in the house or standing on tables to reach high windows!

2. Lighting Control

Control4 will give you more straightforward control over the lighting in your house by integrating it with smart light features. You will control the light of every room from a central place. You can improve your energy efficiency by integrating the light with your shades, enabling you to control when the lights are on or off.

Smart lighting does not use the traditional on/off switches; instead, it uses dimmers, which lowers how much energy your fixtures use by reducing your carbon footprint. With the Control4 system and smart lights, you can create many light designs that vary when controlling the light intensity and colours.

3. Home Audio

Integrating whole home audio systems with a Control4 system will enable you to listen to your favourite music in more places around your house. Enjoying your music in the background while performing your daily chores or on special occasions is fun. It’s even more fun to integrate smart controls so you can operate your music systems where you are without having a bundle of remotes on the table.

This may also give you the flexibility to stream different music service sites for specific rooms to keep your family members entertained. Your family pool party or dinner out can be more fun with outdoor audio and video connected to your existing audio devices. You can use the Control4 system to operate the audio system around your yard and to ensure that the TV screen has extra brightness to make it visible even on the brightest days.

4. Smart Locks

With smart locks, you can monitor your door status through your Control4 system. They allow you to control access remotely from anywhere using an app on your smartphone. With Control4 integration to smart locks, you can unlock your door and lock it remotely through your phone. Sometimes you can be working, and the order you placed online has arrived. No need to worry because you can also use your phone to unlock your house at work when you have a special delivery and lock your door with just one tap. Children may also forget to lock doors when leaving or entering the house. Worry no more! Control4 got your back.

5. Thermostats

Maintaining your home’s temperature will make you and your family comfortable and save on energy. You can integrate the Control4 system with the thermostatic device to help regulate the temperature. It can even control the temperature of the shower, and you will be comfortable when taking your bath in scorching or cold weather. Control4 makes it simple to command your device to do what you want.

Ways to Manage and Control Your Control4 Home Automation

The primary purpose of the Control4 system is to increase efficiency and make it easy for you to access and manage your smart home. Control4 is the best for home automation because it enables you to take control of a whole house from a central place and integrate with many third-party devices.

Below are four ways you can manage and control your control4 system:

  • Smartphone app: With an app on your smartphone, you can take control of your home. This allows you to regulate the temperature conveniently, turn on/off the lights, Control the music system and lock your house. With a smartphone, you can control and manage events from a distance away from home, as long as you are connected to the internet.
  • NEEO remote: This remote has buttons and a touch screen that allows flexible control of your home, depending on how you program your remote. For example, you can use the hard buttons for frequently used actions like increasing the volume or skipping to the next song. The touchscreen side can reduce the light intensity, control the opening and closing of the window shades, or even regulate the temperatures.
  • Keypads: In-wall mounted keypads offer quick control to your frequently used actions. You can program buttons in a specific room. For instance, in the living room, you can program for “music,” “movie,” or “quit time.” Depending on how you program, these scenes adjust audio and lighting for different moments.
  • Voice: Voice control is convenient when you’re busy or prefer it over other commanding methods for navigating your Control4 to find what you need. A single programmed voice can command your Control4 to activate lights, lower or raise your window shades, play music, activate scenes, or lock the door.

Reasons Why Control4 System Is Perfect for Your Smart Home

If you are looking for a perfect home automation system for integrating with your smart devices, the Control4 system is the best. Control4 is compatible with thousands of devices under a single control panel.

Here are some of the reasons why the Control4 system is among the best automation brands for smart homes:

Improves interaction with your smart home

Control4 can be modified to suit your needs without third-party programmers. Control4 system allows you to create scenes that integrate blind control, light, security, and audio since interaction with other devices is intuitive. It enables you to trigger important notifications about events in your home, like opening a door.


With an internet connection, you can access your Control4 system from your smartphone with an intuitive app and remotely manage and control your home. You don’t have to worry since Control4 ensures that security and other tasks are accessible in your hands. At any place in the world, you can monitor events that are taking place at your smart home, for example, by closing / opening your blinds, activating your alarm, locking your door, and viewing the security camera.

Enhances customisation

Since the Control4 system is compatible with thousands of devices through the integration of appliances such as motorised blinds, lights, sounds, and thermostatic devices, you can schedule a program for your Control4 device to lock the doors and activate the alarm when you want to sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about devices that work with Control4 systems:

What is the Control4 System?

The Control4 system is a home automation system that allows you to control devices in your home from a single app or a remote. The Control4 system is commonly used by many worldwide for it increases your home’s security, convenience, and energy efficiency. Control4 systems make it easy to control your home with just one button. You may not need to move to perform some duties such as switching off lights, rewinding your favourite song and locking your door. You can schedule and control your event from a central place, whether it’s temperature regulation, home cinema, or any other need your family requires to meet your lifestyle.

How Does Control4 Work?

Control4 allows you to control your smart home, whether inside or outside, through various devices, including keypads, tablets, voice control, wall-mounted touch screens and MyHome mobile phone apps.

Control4 lets you design a unique home, from the lights switching off when no one is in the room to the lights turning on as you enter your house. With an internet connection, Control4 schedules events due to specific triggers, including time of the day, light intensity, and temperature.

How Much Does Control4 Cost?

Depending on the product you choose and the size of your premises, Control4 cost can range from £2k to £50k. Labour is the central component of the cost of setting up a control4 system. To install a Control4 system, you will need a professional dealer to plan your Control4 strategy to integrate with other devices.

Can I Buy and Install Control4 By Myself?

No, despite Control4 being accessible for everyone in the house to use, its design is complex. For Control4 to integrate with other devices, it should have a link over a network that enables them to communicate. You can only install Control4 if you are a certified dealer or have the skills.

How Do I Program Control4 Remote?

The two types of control remote, SR-260 and NEEO, need a different set-up of programming mode. SR-260 installation is by a professional from a trusted dealer. Depending on the operating system or your requirements, it may be possible to set up SR-260 remotely. Programming and setting up NEEO remote control is very straightforward, you only need to connect your remote to the Wi-Fi, and your system will configure automatically.

What is the process of adding Music to Control4?

To add music, go to the “listen” section and select “my music” or “add music.” My music will choose a list of your music library, album, artists, playlist, and genre. You can upload music by connecting a USB drive to your Control4 system. The add music button will allow you to sign in and install music streaming services compatible with your Control4 system, including Spotify, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Pandora, and Dezer, among others.

How can one Connect their Spotify store to Control4?

Using your Control4 system connected to audio devices that include speakers and TVs, you only need to open the menu and select the listen button. Then you can select add music and choose Spotify from the drop-down list of music services. Adding multiple accounts allows you to repeat the process if you want to manage Spotify for your personal account. You name services like “mother’s Spotify,” “dad’s Spotify,” and press done. Spotify icon will appear in your ‘Listen To’ dashboard, and you can log in or enter your login credentials by following the on-screen prompt. You can add a Spotify icon to the room dashboard by pressing and holding it.

Control4 is a great way to automate your home. It is compatible with many devices, including the light switch, thermostats, motorised blinds, and smart door locks, making it an excellent choice for those who want a smart home. Control4 enables you to manage your home and easily keep everything in place.

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