The bedroom is where we spend nearly ⅓ of our lives. From there, we feel comfortable, secure, and relaxed. That is why finding the most suitable blinds for your bedroom (do you have a gable end bedroom that needs blinds?) is something of importance.

So which blinds are the right fit for your bedroom?

There are a lot of blinds available on the market, it can often be overwhelming at times. In reality you have several options to choose from when it comes to bedroom blinds.

Blinds may assist in a better night’s sleep, and help doze off more soundly (see our buying guide). At the same time some blinds create a nice light ambience as they let a generous amount of light fill the room so finding the perfect balance is a must.

Please see below our Top 3 Blind Options:

1. Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the most popular blind type when it comes to shopping for window blinds. Roller blinds are a practical and versatile blind for all rooms in the home, they can be manufactured in a wide variety of fabric materials and are easily styled. When it comes to bedroom blinds, roller blinds will always be one of the most popular choices. Here at SONA, we use best-quality blackout fabric in all of our products ensuring you get a quality made product.

One of the best attributes in regards to blackout roller blinds is the fact that you’re not restricted on colour choices. Even if you’re looking for a white, light or beige colour, you’ll still be able to control light the blackout effect the same as on a black or grey fabric. See our SonaRise product for more information.

2. Duette or Honeycomb Blinds

Duette also known as Honeycomb or Cellular Blinds can offer one of the best blackout solutions when it comes to bedrooms. The blinds sit close to the recess edges of the window opening thus reducing light leakage when compared to roller blinds which normally have 10mm allowance on either side. The double-pleat effect fabric also creates a ‘honeycomb’ like structure which may help to reduce further exterior noise which offers you the perfect night’s sleep. See our SonaApex and SonaCell products for more information.

3. Skylight Blinds

As with the Duette blinds on our list, blackout skylight blinds are made using this specialist light blocking fabric. The real benefit is the fact that these window dressings are fitted within a frame. This sits snugly within your window ensuring minimal light ‘leakage’ around its perimeter. Your blinds will be fitted snuggly into your window frame. See our SonaSky product for more information.