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SonaApex - Gable End Blind / Apex Blind

Gables are becoming increasingly popular in homes around the UK. But, just as each home is unique, each gable is as well. We have seen a wide range of shapes and sizes in the many various gable blinds we have installed over the years, which is why we offer a versatile solution that can be utilised with practically any gable.

We can manufacture bespoke triangle window blinds into places that conventional blinds can’t be fitted, because of our revolutionary Gable Blinds, which can be bit fitted into a wide range of unusual forms.


Blinds for Tall Gable Windows

We can work with Gables up to 4.5m wide and 5m in drop. We were able to cover the shape with just two SonaApex Blinds despite the large shape. Other blind methods would have required a large number of smaller blinds to cover the same space, resulting in fixed rails across the windows that would have been visible even when the blinds were retracted. The blinds elegantly retract here without impeding the view. These blinds may be conveniently activated at the press of a button thanks to a simple motorisation option.

Gables in the Bedroom

Gable windows with a triangular design are becoming increasingly common in bedrooms. However, adding a wide window to a bedroom creates privacy and light management concerns. You can cover the entire space with Gable Blinds in this case. We can use room-darkening Duette Honeycomb fabrics for these types of blinds to help keep the light out and keep the room dark and comfortable even during the day.

Gables of the Conservatory

Our Gable Blinds were designed specifically for use in gable-end conservatories and extensions, and they’re still the best method to completely shade this space. Most other blind solutions would require a large number of smaller blinds to cover the gable area. It’s possible that some of the blinds will have to be non-retractable using a traditional system. Not only does this seem untidy, but it also means that you won’t be able to fully retract the blinds.

Our SonaApex system created with the goal of covering a large area with as few blinds as feasible. They also cleanly retract, leaving no wires protruding from the glass.

Gables for Small Windows

Our Gable Blinds can be used to conceal up smaller triangular shapes that may be present in your home or project. This is most common in conservatories, although it can occur in any area of the home with glazing. Our Gable Blinds can also be utilised to fill these smaller spaces. They nevertheless retract cleanly, leaving no wires behind, just like the larger blinds. Other traditional blind systems would have to either cover the space with a larger, fixed blind or leave the window exposed.

As there are so many different types of windows, our gable blinds were created to be as adaptable as needed.

Arrange a quote with a member of our sales team if you have an apex window that requires blinds.

"It's fair to say SONA have been a blessing in disguise for our business, adding SONA's motorised blinds to our current product range has allowed us to increase our sales significantly and offer added value to our clients"


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