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Perfecting Neat Gable Blinds

Gables are a difficult component of a conservatory to cover neatly because of their triangular design, which necessitates a particularly specific sort of blind that not every company can provide.

Our blinds are designed to retract neatly at the gable’s top. All of the cablings are properly hidden. As a consequence, you can appreciate your views without having to deal with unsightly connections or cables running across the glass.

Gable Blinds are a nice touch

We are able to make gable blinds that fit nicely into the gap.

Because of our years of experience working with various shapes, we can manufacture and install gable blinds that look super nice. Over the years, we’ve been able to improve and increase the types of forms we can cover with our blinds, resulting in clever installations.

We can assist you if you have a gable, whether it’s as part of a conservatory or on its own in an addition or loft conversion. For gable blinds, we have a variety of styles and colours to choose from. Our professionals can provide guidance to assist you in selecting the finest blinds for your needs.

If you need help with your project or want to perfect your gable window blinds, please contact us. Then please contact a member of our sales team to see for yourself how we can cover a large area with a small number of blinds.

"It's fair to say SONA have been a blessing in disguise for our business, adding SONA's motorised blinds to our current product range has allowed us to increase our sales significantly and offer added value to our clients"


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