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Gable Blinds For Large Apex Windows

Large Apex Windows provide wide vistas and allow natural sunshine to fill a space on those clear days, making them a lovely addition to a home. With the correct Gable Blinds, installing an Apex Window can also boost the overall value of your home by adding a sense of consideration to the design of your project or home.

They do, however, have several flaws which our SonaApex blinds can help with:

> Excessive Glare

> Privacy

> Thermal Loss

If you have a large Apex Window, we recommend two of our large SonaApex Gable Blinds with our Honeycomb or Duette fabrics which help with seclusion. Our Gable Window Blinds, which were originally designed for conservatory gables, are ideal for large apex windows. We’ve enhanced our blind system to the point where we can now install two blinds that cover the entire triangular shape and extend down giving you minimal restriction of the view.

Gable Blinds and Duette fabrics provide a clean and beautiful appearance that complements the room’s modern dΓ©cor. We were able to go above and beyond by powder-coating the components of the blinds, blind rails, and fixings to match the colour of the window frames. The Gable Blinds appear to be a natural part of the space as if they’ve always been there.

Large amounts of glass can be challenging, but we offer the ideal solutions thanks to our exclusive technology. Our professionals can also manufacture blinds for difficult and awkwardly shaped designs thanks to their experience.

Arrange a quote with a member of our sales team if you’d like to see how our blinds may change your house.

"It's fair to say SONA have been a blessing in disguise for our business, adding SONA's motorised blinds to our current product range has allowed us to increase our sales significantly and offer added value to our clients"


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