Why Skylight Blinds Are a Great Choice For Your Home?

Wondering if your home needs skylight blinds? Read this article to learn why you need blinds for skylight or roof lantern windows. 

When it comes to appealing home design, ventilation and the allure of natural light are key elements. Therefore, skylights have become an instrumental must in modern decor.

However, while skylights are great for elevating your indoor space, the extra sunlight can make things uncomfortable by increasing the temperature and causing unnecessary glare. This is where our SonaSky motorised skylight blinds come in. 

A link to our SonaSky blinds can be seen here: https://sonashades.com/sona-products/motorised-blinds/lantern-rooflight-blinds/

This article is a comprehensive guide on skylight window blinds, their needs, and advantages. Additionally, I also list down some essential factors you should consider when selecting blinds for skylight windows. 

What Are Skylight Blinds?

A skylight, or rooflight is a transparent glass structure installed in ceilings to permit light into the home. Skylight window blinds, on the other hand, are coverings that block any light from coming into your room. 

They can be easily closed and opened to any degree, which gives you complete control over the amount of light entering your space. 

Why Do You Need Skylight Window Blinds?

While skylights are installed in nearly all high-end homes now, good-quality blinds for skylight windows are highly crucial. Here are the top reasons why you need skylight blinds:

1. Light Control

The skylights are aesthetically great. However, any excess light in your home can be uncomfortable, and this is where blinds for skylight windows come in. 

They allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight entering a room. You can conveniently open them to let in natural light or close them to block them out. 

2. Privacy

Skylights have significant privacy concerns. Having transparent glass on your roof potentially exposes your home to overlooking. This is especially a problem if you live in a building and people living in apartments above. 

Skylight blinds address and solve these issues. You can carefully place them under /over the glass roof to prevent people from looking in. For more privacy, consider using translucent glass instead of an entirely see-through one for skylights. 

3. Temperature Regulation

An optimal indoor temperature is crucial to make an indoor space comfortable. Skylights do help reflect the heat on those bright summer days. 

However in winter, this can also adversely increase the inside temperature by retaining the heat internally.

Our SonaSky motorised skylight blinds have the option of blackout fabric which are all interlined with foil to add to the their thermal efficiency:

Fabrics can be seen here: https://sonashades.com/gallery/fabrics/

Skylight blinds offer a better way to regulate your indoor temperature. You can open or close them to any extent, and hence control the heat inside your house. 

4. Furniture Protection

Excessive UV rays may be  harmful to your health, but they also react chemically with your furniture, potentially altering its colour depending on it’s material 

So, while a naturally well-lit homelooks great, it also predisposes your furniture to potential fading. 

Skylight blinds act as a barrier, helping to block out UV rays, and therefore, help preserve the colour and quality of your home furnishings. 

5. Wellness and Functionality

Everyone has a different preference for indoor temperature and light. Skylight blinds give you considerable control over these factors, which improves the wellness and functionality of everyone in the home. 

6. Noise Control

Skylight blinds provide an additional layer of insulation, which ultimately helps reduce noise. The materials used in the blinds helps to absorb sound waves, minimizing the outside noise entering the room. 

7. Aesthetics

Skylight blinds come in various shapes and sizes. They give your roof lights a polished look, which enhances the overall look of your space. 


Why Choose Sonashades Skylight Blinds?

SONA is a renowned brand dealing in automated smart blinds. Here’s why our SonaSky skylight blinds make a great choice for your home:

  • Customisation: Standard SonaSky skylight blinds are 3m wide and up to 4.5m long. However, at SONA we can bespoke customise a blind manufactured to various sizes. 
  • Power Options: All battery-operated blinds need to be charged to keep running. For your convenience, SONA offers both rechargeable batteries, mains voltage and solar power options.
  • Easy Installation: SONA provides measuring and installation videos, as well as great customer support via telephone, which makes it easy for you to install the blinds. 
  • Hexagonal Design For Superior Insulation: The fabric on SONA skylight blinds have hexagonal structures (commonly known as Duette Blinds or Honeycomb Blinds) that essentially create an air pocket that ventilates your space. 
  • Cordless: Blinds have no attached operational cords and can be operated by a remote control or an app if you opt for a smart hub. 


How to choose the best skylight blinds?

Now that you know why you need blinds for skylight windows, let’s take a look at some of the essential factors you should check when choosing a blind. 

Size & Design

Skylights come in various sizes. For a blind that adequately blacks out your roof window, it is crucial to ensure that the shape of the blind is compatible with that of the roof window. 

Carefully measure the length, and width of your window, or ask an experienced professional to check the dimensions. Make sure to also check the shape of a blind before purchasing it. 


Convenience is one of the key elements when it comes to determining a blind’s quality. 

There are manually operated blinds that are hooked to the bottom via a pole, which you can pull on to cover the window. 

However, you can also consider going for motor-powered blinds. These electric skylight blinds can be controlled via a remote control or an app. They are especially useful if your roof window is too high to reach. All of our SonaSky skylight blinds / roof lantern blinds are fully motorised. 


Skylight blinds can be fairly expensive. At the same time, there is a lot that can go wrong with a blind, impacting its functionality. 

For example, motor issues may arise in poor-quality electric skylight blinds.

To ensure you’re getting the best return on your bucks, it is crucial to go for a company that offers a warranty on their blinds such as SONA. 


The operations, shape, customisation, and quality of a blind determine its price. Set a particular budget in mind, and then look for the best blinds in the price range. 

Easy Maintenance

Skylight blinds require adequate maintenance to work properly. This includes regular dusting and vacuuming, and use of a non-abrasive wet wipes to keep the blind spot clean. 

Apart from this, you might also need to take some other measures to keep electric blinds running. 

Since blinds are attached to the roof, they can be hard to reach. Therefore, when choosing skylight blinds, always go for the ones that can be maintained easily such as our SonaSky motorised skylight blinds. 

How much do skylight blinds cost?

Motorised Skylight blinds can cost anywhere from £475 and more. Here’s what determines the price of skylight blinds:

  • Blind size
  • Blind material
  • Type of controller
  • Power compatibility
  • Installation and maintenance cost