Roof windows, often called skylights or roof lanterns, bring natural light and ventilation into rooms where conventional windows can’t be installed. However, with great sunlight comes the need for control, particularly to manage glare and heat. This is where roof window blinds come into play. In this guide, we’ll explore how to select the perfect roof window blinds for your needs, taking into account functionality, style, and budget.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the specifics, it’s important to understand what roof lanterns blinds are. These are blinds specifically designed to fit skylights or roof windows. They can be manual or motorised and come in various materials and designs to suit different needs and aesthetic preferences. At SONA we offer an electric lantern blind solution called SonaSky.

1. Assess Your Needs

The first step in choosing the right roof window blinds is to evaluate your specific needs:

  • Light Control: Do you want to completely block out light for a bedroom or would you prefer to simply filter the light to reduce glare in a living space?
  • Heat Control: Some blinds offer thermal properties to insulate your room against heat loss during winter and reduce heat gain during summer.
  • Privacy: Consider whether privacy is a priority, especially if your skylight overlooks areas where privacy could be compromised.

With SonaSky-roof lantern blinds, we use a honeycomb fabric that allows us to offer various sizes and shapes to meet your chosen specifications.

2. Types of Material

There are 2 types of roof window blind material to consider, each with its own set of advantages:

  • Blackout Blinds: Perfect for bedrooms, these honeycomb blinds can completely block out incoming light.
  • Dimout Blinds: These are made from the same pleated honeycomb fabric that can be drawn up and down and is often used for its aesthetic appeal and soft light filtration.

With SonaSky skylight blinds, you can gain control over the light that enters your home. With the hexagonal structure of our motorised skylight blind, you’ll receive an “air pocket” effect to minimize the thermal transfer of heat from your skylight window. Our skylight blinds offer blackout fabrics to increase insulation.

3. Installation Options

  • Manual Blinds: These are operated by hand and are generally less expensive and use a control rod, however they are more prone to user related issues.
  • Motorised Blinds: These offer the utmost convenience, especially for hard-to-reach windows, and can often be integrated into smart home systems and can be worked off battery, solar or mains power.

4. Measure and Fit

Accurate measurement is crucial when ordering roof window blinds. Since skylights can be uniquely sized, it’s often best to opt for custom-made blinds. Please see our SONA measuring video here: and for our fitting video:

5. Budget Considerations

Prices for roof window blinds vary widely based on type, material, and customisations. Setting a budget beforehand can help you narrow down your options without compromising on the necessary features.


Choosing the right roof window blinds involves balancing functionality, style, and budget. By understanding your needs and the various options available, you can enhance your space’s comfort and aesthetics dramatically. Whether you’re looking to install new blinds or replace existing ones, this guide should help you make an informed decision.

All of our electric lantern blinds are controlled via a remote handset and we be powered by solar, battery or mains.

With our SonaSky rooflight automated blinds, you’ll have easy control over the light that enters your home. Our skylight blinds not only control light but they offer acoustic properties to create noise reduction. With our honeycomb design, you can minimize the sound entering your skylight window.


1. Can I get Roof Window Blinds for Velux® Windows?

Yes. SONA make roof window blinds which are compatible with a full range of Velux® Roof Window models. Simply measure your window’s opening select your hardware colour and fabric.

2. Can I get Roof Window Blinds for non-Velux Windows?

SONA make roof window blinds for a wide range of roof light manufacturers such as FakroDakstraOkpolRooflite, Velux and Roto.

3. Is it possible to get a Roof Window Blind in a custom size?

Yes. We make made to measure for or all kinds of roof windows, up to 3 meters wide and 5 meters length in a singular blind. Please send your sizes so we can cost this up for you.

4. How do I measure for Roof Window Blinds

We have own measuring sheets and measuring guide available! See our video here: How to Measure for a Custom Sized Skylight Blind.

4. Do Roof Window work? Can I get thermal Roof Window Blinds?

Roof window blinds are an effective way to control light, glare and regulate temperature in your home. Our Roof window blinds with blackout fabric will create almost complete darkness and are therefore ideal for bedrooms, attics, tv rooms and office spaces. They will also reduce heat loss and allow for thermal regulation. See link here for further details on the energy saving benefits of honeycomb fabric.

5. How do I power my Roof Window Blind?

We have three options available; battery, solar or mains.

6. I need a Pole for my Roof Window Blinds?

You will not require a pole as all of our roof window blinds are fully motorised.

See our gallery page here for images of our bespoke electric Roof Window Blinds:

If you’re considering roof window blinds for your home, contact us today!