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Electric Duette Gable Blinds

Along with a distinctive contemporary style come the issues that large gables are known for, such as loss of privacy, increased glare, and particularly heat loss during those colder months, as well as severe solar heat gain on those bright days.

When our gable blinds are retracted, they look provide a minimalistic sleek look. There are no visible cords, wires, or cleats as you’d see with traditional blinds.

Pleated Duette Fabric

We can bespokely manufacture very large blinds, significantly larger than most Duette blinds are generally available in. Normally, the only alternative for glazing of this size and form would be to order vertical blinds or shutters (which would have a large visible stack of louvres when closed and which offer no consideration for insulation against heat loss).

Thankfully, we’re experts in gable blinds and make the UK’s largest Duette blinds, which feature specialised cording for a smooth and reliable operation.

To attain the level of fit and quality accomplished here, we utilise our specially built operating system, as well as decades of experience in design, manufacture, and installation.

When it comes to operating the blinds, you have the option of utilising a remote control handset or connecting to a home automation system, which allows you to manage your blinds using your smartphone, tablet, or even Amazon Alexa voice commands.

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"It's fair to say SONA have been a blessing in disguise for our business, adding SONA's motorised blinds to our current product range has allowed us to increase our sales significantly and offer added value to our clients"


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