Roof windows can transform a dark attic or loft into a bright, usable space. But with the beauty of extra sunlight comes the challenge of managing heat and maintaining privacy. Choosing the right roof window blinds is essential to maximize comfort and enhance your home’s aesthetic. This blog will guide you through the different types of roof window blinds available and help you determine which one might be the best fit for your space.

Understanding the Different Types of Honeycomb Roof Window Blinds

When it comes to selecting electric roof window blinds, there are two types to consider, each with its unique benefits and style. Let’s explore the most popular ones. At SONA we manufacture our electric skylight blinds using either blackout or dimout fabrics.

1. Honeycomb Blackout Blinds

Best for: Bedrooms or media rooms where control over light is crucial. Features: These blinds provide enhanced darkness, making them perfect for sleeping or reducing glare on screens. They often have a reflective backing that helps insulate the room and reduce energy costs.

2. Honeycomb Dimout Blinds

Best for: Living areas where diffused light adds to the ambiance. Features: Made from a pleated fabric, these blinds pull up to sit flat against the roof window, creating a soft, textured look. They gently filter the light, providing a warm glow.

With SonaSky-electric roof lantern blinds, we use a honeycomb fabric that allows us to offer various sizes and shapes to meet your chosen specifications.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Roof Window Blinds

To decide which type of blind is best for your roof windows, consider the following factors:

Light and Privacy Control

Evaluate how much light and privacy control you need based on the room’s function. For instance, blackout blinds are ideal for bedrooms, while pleated or dimout blinds might be better suited for living rooms where you want natural light but also some privacy.

Ease of Use

Consider how easy each type of blind is to operate, especially if the window is in a hard-to-reach area. Motorised blinds can be a great choice for such windows, offering remote control operation.


Choose a style and color that complements your interior decor. Roof window blinds come in a variety of colors and materials, so you can easily match them with your existing design scheme.

Durability and Maintenance

The material of the blinds should be durable and easy to maintain, especially in rooms exposed to moisture, like kitchens or bathrooms. Honeycomb fabric can be wiped down with baby wipes and dusted using soft nozzle brush hoober.

Energy Efficiency

Honeycomb blinds, especially our blackout blinds that feature interlined foil bonded cells, help to keep your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Look for options with thermal backing if energy efficiency is a priority.



Selecting the right roof window blinds involves considering the function of the room, the amount of light and privacy you desire, and your overall aesthetic preferences. Whether you choose blackout or dimout pleated blinds, the right choice will enhance your room’s usability and style. Remember to measure your windows accurately or seek professional assistance to ensure the best fit for your blinds, enhancing both functionality and appearance.

With our SonaSky rooflight automated blinds, you’ll have easy control over the light that enters your home. Our skylight blinds not only control light but they offer acoustic properties to create noise reduction. With our honeycomb design, you can minimize the sound entering your skylight window.

We have a measuring process that can easily allow you to help you measure your skylight.  We have a 3 step ordering process, firstly you’ll begin by telling us your preferences for your skylight blinds project. From there, we’ll make your skylight blinds directly in our UK factory that meets your requirements and then finally go on to ship your Rooflight blind to you. Our team of professionals is available to make fitting blinds simple, easy to install, and hassle-free for your residential project.


1. Can I get Roof Window Blinds for Velux® Windows?

Yes. SONA make roof window blinds which are compatible with a full range of Velux® Roof Window models. Simply measure your window’s opening  select your hardware colour and fabric.

2. Can I get Roof Window Blinds for non-Velux Windows?

SONA make roof window blinds for a wide range of roof light manufacturers such as FakroDakstraOkpolRooflite, Velux and Roto.

3. Is it possible to get a Roof Window Blind in a custom size?

Yes. We make made to measure for or all kinds of roof windows, up to 3 meters wide and 5 meters length in a singular blind. Please send your sizes so we can cost this up for you.

4. How do I measure for Roof Window Blinds

We have own measuring sheets and measuring guide available! See our video here: How to Measure for a Custom Sized Skylight Blind.

4. Do Roof Window work? Can I get thermal Roof Window Blinds?

Roof window blinds are an effective way to control light, glare and regulate temperature in your home. Our Roof window blinds with blackout fabric will create almost complete darkness and are therefore ideal for bedrooms, attics, tv rooms and office spaces. They will also reduce heat loss and allow for thermal regulation. See link here for further details on the energy saving benefits of honeycomb fabric.

5. How do I power my Roof Window Blind?

We have three options available; battery, solar or mains.

6. I need a Pole for my Roof Window Blinds?

You will not require a pole as all of our skylight blinds are fully motorised.

See our gallery page here for images of our bespoke electric Roof Window Blinds:

If you’re considering skylight blinds for your home, contact us today!