Roof lanterns have become a popular architectural feature in homes, improving natural light and adding a sense of openness. However, managing heat and glare from direct sunlight can be a challenge. The solution? Roof lantern blinds. Not only do they help control light and temperature, but they also enhance privacy and add a touch of style. In this blog, we explore the various options available for dressing up your roof lantern.

Understanding Roof Lantern Blinds

Roof lantern blinds are specifically designed to cover the glass / opening sections of a roof lantern. They are available in various styles and operating mechanisms to suit different preferences and architectural requirements.

Types of Roof Lantern Blinds

There are several options to consider when choosing blinds for your roof lantern:

1. Roller Blinds

Best for: Simplicity and functionality. Features: Roller blinds for roof lanterns are made from a single piece of fabric that rolls out from a casing and can be motorised. However the motorised systems are often quite clunky and cumbersome to install. Openings also usually have to be perfectly square for this product to look and work well.

3. Honeycomb Blinds

Best for: Energy efficiency and insulation. Features: Also known as cellular blinds, honeycomb blinds feature a unique structure that traps air in distinct pockets, helping maintain indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs. Their ability to retract completely allows for maximum light exposure when desired. Great system for retro-fitting, works well in un-even recesses and is housed in a sleek motorised headrail.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Roof Lantern Blinds

When selecting the right blinds for your roof lantern, consider the following key aspects:

Light Control and UV Protection

Evaluate how much direct sunlight your space receives and choose materials that can effectively block harmful UV rays while managing light intake.

Insulation Needs

If energy efficiency is a concern, opt for blinds with good insulative properties like honeycomb blinds, which can help control the temperature throughout the year. Our SonaSky electric lantern blinds are a perfect solution for this.

Aesthetic Harmony

Your blinds should complement the interior design of your space. Consider colors and materials that match your decor style. Your two options for this are blackout and dimout fabrics – more can be seen here in our gallery page.

Ease of Operation

Roof lanterns are often out of easy reach, making operation a crucial factor. Motorised blinds are a convenient option, often controlled by a remote or a smart home system. Our electric lantern blinds can be powered by either solar, mains or a battery system.


Set a budget beforehand as prices can vary significantly based on the material, style, and custom fittings. Investing in high-quality blinds can save you money in the long run through energy savings and durability.


Roof lantern blinds not only enhance the functionality and comfort of your space but also contribute to its aesthetic appeal. Whether you opt for roller or honeycomb blinds, choosing the right type involves considering how they will fit into your lifestyle and decor. With the right selection, you can enjoy your motorised roof lantern year-round, in comfort and style.

At SONA, our team of experts has more than 32 years of hands-on experience, helping both retail and trade customers with various options of motorised skylight blinds and more!

We have a measuring process that can easily allow you to help you measure your skylight.  We have a 3 step ordering process, firstly you’ll begin by telling us your preferences for your skylight blinds project. From there, we’ll make your skylight blinds directly in our UK factory that meets your requirements and then finally go on to ship your Rooflight blind to you. Our team of professionals is available to make fitting blinds simple, easy to install, and hassle-free for your residential project.


1. Can I get Roof Lantern Blinds for Velux® Windows?

Yes. SONA make roof lantern blinds which are compatible with a full range of Velux® Roof lantern models. Simply measure your window’s opening select your hardware colour and fabric.

2. Can I get Roof Window Blinds for non-Velux Windows?

SONA make roof lantern blinds for a wide range of roof light manufacturers such as FakroDakstraOkpolRooflite, Velux and Roto.

3. Is it possible to get a Roof Lantern Blind in a custom size?

Yes. We make made to measure for or all kinds of roof lantern, up to 3 meters wide and 5 meters length in a singular blind. Please send your sizes so we can cost this up for you.

4. How do I measure for Roof Lantern Blinds

We have own measuring sheets and measuring guide available! See our video here: How to Measure for a Custom Sized Skylight Blind.

4. Do Roof Lantern work? Can I get thermal Roof Lantern Blinds?

Roof lantern blinds are an effective way to control light, glare and regulate temperature in your home. Our Roof lantern blinds with blackout fabric will create almost complete darkness and are therefore ideal for bedrooms, attics, tv rooms and office spaces. They will also reduce heat loss and allow for thermal regulation. See link here for further details on the energy saving benefits of honeycomb fabric.

5. How do I power my Roof Lantern Blind?

We have three options available; battery, solar or mains.

6. I need a Pole for my Roof Lantern Blinds?

You will not require a pole as all of our lantern blinds are fully motorised.

See our gallery page here for images of our bespoke electric Roof Lantern Blinds:

If you’re considering lantern blinds for your home, contact us today!