Gable end windows, with their unique triangular shape, can be architectural highlights in a home, offering expansive views and ample natural light. However, covering these windows can be a challenge due to their unconventional shape. Motorised gable end blinds provide a seamless, efficient solution. This article explores the key benefits of installing motorised blinds in these challenging spaces.

SonaApex - Gable End Blind / Apex Blind

Streamlined Design and Custom Fit

Motorised gable end blinds also known to us as SonaApex electric blinds are designed to fit the exact dimensions of your triangular windows. This custom fit not only ensures complete coverage but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the room. Unlike standard blinds, which may not cover the window perfectly, motorised blinds for gable ends are made to measure, providing a sleek and tidy appearance without any awkward gaps or overlaps.

Ease of Use

One of the most significant advantages of motorised blinds is their ease of operation. Gable end windows are often positioned high up in the walls or at awkward angles, making manual operation difficult and sometimes impossible without the use of a ladder or long pole. Motorised blinds eliminate this hassle by allowing you to control them with a simple push of a button. Whether itโ€™s through a remote control, a wall-mounted keypad, or a smart device app, adjusting your blinds has never been easier.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Motorised or electric gable end blinds can help improve the energy efficiency of your home. By allowing you to precisely control when your blinds are open or closed, you can manage the amount of sunlight entering the room. This sunlight management helps to keep your home warmer in the winter by letting in sunlight, and cooler in the summer by blocking out heat, thus reducing the reliance on heating and air conditioning. Some motorised blinds also come with thermal fabrics that provide additional insulation, further aiding in energy conservation.

Increased Privacy and Security

Privacy can be a concern with large gable end windows, especially in residential areas. Motorised gable end blinds offer an easy solution to quickly and effortlessly increase privacy. Moreover, you can integrate them with smart home systems to automatically close at certain times, enhancing both privacy and security. This automatic functionality can deter potential burglars by making the home appear occupied even when you’re away.

UV Protection

Continuous exposure to UV rays can damage furniture, artworks, and fabrics. Motorised gable end blinds may help protect your interiors from these harmful rays by blocking or filtering sunlight during the brightest parts of the day. This protection helps extend the life of your interior furnishings, saving you money on replacements and repairs.

Integration with Home Automation Systems

As home automation becomes increasingly popular, motorised gable end blinds are keeping pace. These blinds can be integrated into your homeโ€™s smart system, allowing for automated routines like opening in the morning to wake up with natural light and closing at sunset to maintain privacy. Integration with home automation not only enhances convenience but also elevates your home’s technology footprint. They work with systems such as Control4, Lutron, KNX, Crestron and many more.


Motorised gable end blinds offer a blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and technological integration, making them an excellent choice for modern homes. With benefits ranging from enhanced energy efficiency and UV protection to improved privacy and ease of use, these blinds are well worth the investment. Whether renovating an existing space or embarking on a new build, consider motorised gable end blinds for their numerous advantages and modern convenience.


1. Can I get Roof Window Blinds for Apex or Irregular Shaped Windows?

SONA make bespoke blinds for wide variety of shapes and sizes.

2. Is it possible to get a Gable End Blinds in a custom size?

Yes. We make made to measure for or all kinds of Gable End Blinds, up to 3 meters wide and 4.5 meters drop in a singular blind. Please send your sizes so we can cost this up for you. We can even go larger using our bespoke system.

3. How do I measure for Roof Lantern Blinds

We have own measuring sheets and measuring guide available!

4. Do Gable End Blinds work? Can I get thermal Gable End Blinds?

Gable end blinds are an effective way to control light, glare and regulate temperature in your home. Our gable end blinds with blackout fabric will create almost complete darkness and are therefore ideal for bedrooms, attics, tv rooms and office spaces. They will also reduce heat loss and allow for thermal regulation. See link here for further details on the energy saving benefits of honeycomb fabric.

5. How do I power my Gable End Blind?

We have three options available; battery, solar or mains.

6. I need a Pole for my Gable End Blinds?

You will not require a pole as all of our gable end blinds are fully motorised.

This article should help illustrate the multifaceted benefits of choosing motorised gable end blinds for your home. If you have specific questions or need further information on types and installation, feel free to ask.

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