Classic design.
Quiet operation.

Combining style, functionality and technology, SonaRise is a roller blind with a difference.  All of our blinds are hand-finished by experts in our UK factory using tried and tested manufacturing methods and only the best materials (also see our flat roof skylight blinds, bespoke shaped blinds and custom motorised blinds).

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Bespoke sizes available

Our standard roller blinds are available up to 3m wide, however we can manufacture blinds in a variety of bespoke shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.

Power options

We offer a mains, re-chargeable battery or solar power options giving you the flexibility to install your blinds to your chosen specification.

Hassle free installation

On-site training, telephone support and instruction guidance also ensure you have a hassle-free experience dealing with our products.


Superior convenience

Our innovative roller blinds are easy to install, maintain and clean. The unique design of our blind can help control light, heat and maintain privacy giving you the flexibility in any space.

Noise reduction

The unique acoustic properties of our fabric help to reduce the impact of external noise, minimising the level of sound coming through a window.

Easy cordless operation

Our blinds have no pull cords or attachment bars and operate easily with the touch of a button from a handset or smart device.